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Equine Rescue Resource Inc.
Standardbreds Available


Standardbreds Available
Retire Your Standardbred

Standardbred horses are one of the best kept secrets of the equine world. They can be reschooled for pleasure driving, competetive driving, trail riding and the show ring. 
Please consider adopting one of these incredible horses today.
The following is a list of Standardbreds available.  In an effort to help as many horses as possible, we will advertise horses for sale at the track, as well as our Placement Program residents.  Please check in with us frequently, as horses are placed and new horses become available.

Stallion, on the track, ready for retirement.  Has been ridden.  Direct owner to adopter placement.  If interested, we'll make the connection.
Sound, 15 yr old gelding. Very tolerant and well mannered. Has done pony rides, being retired from racing due to his age.  Has been temperment tested for handicap riding and passed with flying colors.  On trial for 30 days, placement pending.
Sound 12 year old medium sized gelding, off track and on a private farm.  Children have sat on his back and he was fine with it.  We're not saying he's broke to ride, just a very good boy, tolerant. 
Sweet 9 year old bay gelding, personality plus.  Wonderful companion, not rideable.   Previous owner found this horse on the slaughter truck and pulled him off. Truly deserves a loving retirement home.
5 year old gelding, dappled grey.  Nice looking horse.  Retrained for saddle, currently jumping.  Good manners and sound.  Private sale, owner asking $1200.
11 year old mare in New York.  Old bow, currently sound.  15 hand, delicate build, true black coat.  SLAPP Placement Program
6 year old gelding in New York.  Visually impaired, sound. 16 hands. Stocky build, bay.  Extremely friendly and people oriented.  Ridden under saddle.
For more standardbreds available for adoption, please visit:

The SLAPP program pilot ended as of March 31, 2003.   Going forward, all retiring standardbred horses will only be received at E.R.R.'s Pine Bush, NY, facility.  If you have not signed an E.R.R. Relinquish Agreement, then your horse is not a program member and not under our care, custody or control.  Please know that we will continue with our policies of site inspections, adopter screening and protective placement agreements.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact E.R.R. at (845) 744-1728 or mailto