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Welcome to the Equine Rescue Resource's Standardbred page.

Our Mission

ERR works to provide safe haven to standardbred horses retiring from their racing careers and place them in new homes.

We will strive to forge relationships with other rescue organizations, in an effort to facilitate quick placement, and keep room available to newly retired race horses in need of safe haven.

We work with the owners, trainers and race tracks to promote the very versatile standardbred breed.

These horses are retired for a numerous reasons. Some horses will be sound, some will need rehabilitation.

All horses will require retraining in order to be used for pleasure driving or riding. Retraining of the standardbred horse will be the sole responsibility of the adopter.

Many standardbreds have gone on to lead productive lives as saddle horses, pleasure driving horses, therapeutic mounts, broodmares and loyal companions.

If you are interested in adopting a standardbred horse, or if you are an organization interested in helping to facilitate placements, please send your inquiry to equinerescueresource@hotmail.com

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Organization News

ERR's pilot program at Monticello Raceway ended March 31, 2003.  We wish to thank the track for their support and the donation of 4 stalls during our stay with them.  Going forward all retiring standardbreds will be housed at our Pine Bush, Orange County, NY, facility.

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:

The SLAPP program pilot ended as of March 31, 2003.   Going forward, all retiring standardbred horses will only be received at E.R.R.'s Pine Bush, NY, facility.  If you have not signed an E.R.R. Relinquish Agreement, then your horse is not a program member and not under our care, custody or control.  Please know that we will continue with our policies of site inspections, adopter screening and protective placement agreements.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact E.R.R. at (845) 744-1728 or mailto:equinerescueresource@hotmail.com mailto